dissabte, de gener 26, 2008

While wonderfully delicious, this stuff can get you into some serious trouble.

dimarts, de gener 15, 2008

one look at his face should get rid of any surprise
And I looked, and beheld a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him
Fewer die from accidents or diabetes than adverse drug reactions
Gan added the bag also contained some frozen chicken poop.

I really don't like where this country is going, and I fear that unless Ron Paul gets elected (which, sadly, seems unlikely) nothing is going to change for at least the next four years. I can see myself immigrating, totally. Maybe Michael Bloomberg will swoop in and save the day in 2012

dilluns, de gener 14, 2008

edible to incredible
80 million tiny images
molten salt

some pics from San Diego:

Cabrillo Monument, with San Diego in the distance
National Cemetery

Salk Institute for Biological Studies
me at the Salk
Salk again
La Jolla Cove

sunset at Torrey Pines Beach

Tide Pools on Point Loma

Sunset Cliffs

as with many of the pics I ever post, clicking on them will reveal a much larger image

divendres, de gener 11, 2008

let's move, people
just great
you can't handle it
fucking bullshit
goddamn fatties

Well today I went down to Ocean Beach and walked around, down the pier, and then ate lunch at Hodad's, which was delicious. I then went back down to Point Loma and checked out the tide pools, which were nice. Though the whole experience was actually terrifying because the rocks were slippery and I was so worried that I would drop my camera and break it. I took the long way home through Mission and Pacific beaches, then narrowly beat the traffic on the 5. It's funny how in California all the freeways have a the in front of the name, whereas in Texas we generally just say the number only.
I'll put up some pics when I get home and I can dump them off of my camera.

dijous, de gener 10, 2008

dimecres, de gener 09, 2008


I decided to go to the zoo. I went today with my mom. Not surprisingly, the tigers weren't on display, which was a terrible disappointment. It made me sad to see the tiny enclosures for the big cats (my favorite at any zoo), but I was relieved to learn that they have much larger habitats that they live in most of the time, only going to the displays on certain days. Still sad, though. It is a nice zoo, but it didn't knock my socks off.
After that we went over to Hash House A Go Go, where the motherfuckers turned us away because they had just closed for lunch. But we ended up going over to Point Loma Seafoods, which was fantastic. Excellent fish sandwiches and shrimp cocktail that still smelled like the sea. After that we drove down to the end of the point to the Cabrillo Monument, which probably has the finest view of the city. Then we went into the national cemetery just up the point and took some pictures there. That was very sobering; war sucks.
Yesterday we went to Del Mar and Solana Beach and walked around and window shopped. We had some pretty good Mexican.

diumenge, de gener 06, 2008

groj sale

I'm reading The Man In The High Castle, and it is good. I never really comment further on what I'm reading. Oh Well.
My stepmom is in Austin tonight and she was planning on eating at Kenichi and I told her about Uchi, which I've heard is far better. Hopefully I'm right.
The Kenichi website is fucked up, otherwise I would have a link.
I'm kind of drunk and on my way to further drunkenness. yay.
I bought a book on San Diego today, and I plan to basically eat my way across the various neighborhoods.

divendres, de gener 04, 2008

The Best Moments in Mike Huckabee's Extremism
oh god
Edison Frie[d] an Elephant
The VR hypothesis
fuck em

I'm flying to San Diego on monday. I will not be going to the zoo. I have some moral hangups with zoos. But now I'm thinking I should just go because its the San Diego Zoo, and it is probably pretty nice. I'll have to think about it.
I watched The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari the other day and was very impressed. I never thought I would enjoy a silent film. Its not really silent, the score was performed by Houston's own Two Star Symphony. Hurrah.
I'm about done reading Ishmael, which has been delightful. One of the more exciting events of my high school experience was the discovery in biology that humans are just one species among the many on earth, and that we are not really that special.
You know it's a slow news day when the only two things you hear on the news all day are Iowa and some crazy bitch being taken to Cedars-Sinai. I've been dying to know about that unknown substance.