dissabte, de març 22, 2008

I have a new job. With a view.
Rodeo last night with Amy was terrific, even though we only walked through the carnival and went on some rides and ate a turkey leg. The big spinny ride that simulates hang gliding was by far the best ride I've been on in years.
Sidenote: The roller coaster at the Kemah Boardwalk (aka Tillman's own private wonderland) is decent. And by that I mean scary like a wooden coaster ought to be.
I saw Gogol Bordello on Tuesday, and I really enjoyed feeling the floor wobble up and down.
My Radiohead tickets came in the mail finally.
Some little wannabe gangster mexican in my brother's neighborhood shot out two of my car windows [with a BB gun] the other day, and I subsequently watched him get arrested and taken to jail.
The MFAH has this gigantic life size painting of a rhinoceros, and it is awesome.
I was introduced to the undertow last night at starbucks.