dilluns, de gener 14, 2008

edible to incredible
80 million tiny images
molten salt

some pics from San Diego:

Cabrillo Monument, with San Diego in the distance
National Cemetery

Salk Institute for Biological Studies
me at the Salk
Salk again
La Jolla Cove

sunset at Torrey Pines Beach

Tide Pools on Point Loma

Sunset Cliffs

as with many of the pics I ever post, clicking on them will reveal a much larger image

3 comentaris:

Roy ha dit...

I just read Cannery Row. I think you've read it too. Remember when Doc goes to La Jolla to collect squid and finds the body of a dead girl pinned underneath the water?

I bet the people in La Jolla are angry that the value of their homes has declined around 53%.

One Small Blue Sail ha dit...

goddamn it, i havent read cannery row yet. thanks for ruining the surprise, roy.

brennan: photograph more people!

Brennan ha dit...

sounds like a bitchin time to buy a house in La Jolla