dilluns, de desembre 14, 2009

evil santa
praise God
Amusing Ourselves To Death
I got something to put in you!

A word on Sarah Palin:
I think she's okay. Maybe not the brightest star in the sky, but probably a good person. Saviour of the republican party? HELL NO. She didn't even finish her first term as governor, how the hell is she going to lead the nation? Good lord, these people are fucking stupid.

dilluns, de desembre 07, 2009

atheist morality
reducing your expected debt is NOT A SAVINGS

Well, our short stay in charleston is nearly over. We've had a great time. This is truly a wonderful town. I could see myself living here.

dissabte, de desembre 05, 2009

surprise, surprise

I arrived in Charleston this afternoon, and I already love this town. I'm here until Monday, staying at the Francis Marion, which is very close to the Citadel, and all the temptations that entails.
I saw the Dreamlifter at the airport!

dimarts, de desembre 01, 2009


oh, if only...

Well I will be returning to the Katy store in the coming weeks to iron out some kinks in their operations. Kind of makes me feel special.
I'm reading The Counterfeiters.