dimecres, de gener 09, 2008


I decided to go to the zoo. I went today with my mom. Not surprisingly, the tigers weren't on display, which was a terrible disappointment. It made me sad to see the tiny enclosures for the big cats (my favorite at any zoo), but I was relieved to learn that they have much larger habitats that they live in most of the time, only going to the displays on certain days. Still sad, though. It is a nice zoo, but it didn't knock my socks off.
After that we went over to Hash House A Go Go, where the motherfuckers turned us away because they had just closed for lunch. But we ended up going over to Point Loma Seafoods, which was fantastic. Excellent fish sandwiches and shrimp cocktail that still smelled like the sea. After that we drove down to the end of the point to the Cabrillo Monument, which probably has the finest view of the city. Then we went into the national cemetery just up the point and took some pictures there. That was very sobering; war sucks.
Yesterday we went to Del Mar and Solana Beach and walked around and window shopped. We had some pretty good Mexican.