dimarts, d’octubre 26, 2010

oh no

additions to my library this week:
Chronic City
Bicycle Diaries
Union Atlantic
Gödel, Escher, Bach
The Orchard Keeper
*all used
I finally got around to filing my 2008 taxes, and got an unexpectedly fat check from the government, so I used it to increase my paper assets.

diumenge, d’octubre 24, 2010

divendres, d’octubre 15, 2010

dimecres, d’octubre 06, 2010

oh good

 I got to put on my big boy pants today and go to BAM's d12 meeting in Sulphur, LA. Myself and delegates from d12's eight other stores got to hear all about how the company is going to screw us this month.

diumenge, d’octubre 03, 2010

This is the most expensive house currently on the market in Houston, and I dare say it is definitely the most beautiful. Designed by John F. Staub, and just given a complete overhaul by Michael Linn, the house was put on the market at $14.5M, now reduced to a cool 12.