dissabte, d’octubre 18, 2008

Head Over Heels

I want to see this

The last 12-15 hours have been glorious. I would tell you why but then that would change the tone of the blog for the worse. So I won't.

dimecres, d’octubre 15, 2008


The Rosales Brothers Fence Company is picking up steam. We've got several jobs lined up and I feel good about things, even though it's hot, sweaty, dirty work. My brother Carlos has been staying with us and occasionally commuting back to Fort Worth to see his family. Pretty fun having the three brothers under one roof morning noon and night.
This fence venture could be very good for me long term. Otherwise lately I've been thinking about going back to school and getting a photography degree, becoming a photo. teacher, and having plenty of time to develop my art as a photographer. That sounds just swell. As long as there's someone to share it with...

divendres, d’octubre 10, 2008

no, tina

The company I started with my brothers is a fence company. We build and repair wood fences.
There were no hotel rooms available in New York, so our plans have changed yet again. So now we will be spending thanksgiving week on the big island of Hawaii, in Waikoloa. Roy got us a 2 br villa. The plane tickets have already been bought and we've a mustang convertible reserved. As you could imagine, I am uber excited.

dilluns, d’octubre 06, 2008

I am in no way endorsing Barack Obama; I just thought this was a funny pic.

nice voice
not really
vell hell yes
wah wah WAH
path to destruction
I'm gonna go cry now


Well last week I started a company with my two brothers. Its been fun.