diumenge, de setembre 11, 2005


These are my new posters: Edvard Munch, some french guy, and Mark Rothko. I know that old french ads are a bit cliche, but I like this one becaue it has a devil on it. I now have satan to guard me as I sleep.
I met my family for lunch in New Braunfels today, that was nice except for the fact that I left my lights on and had to borrow jumper cables from a gas station. Driving in the rain on a freeway sucks. Last night was crazy, not really for me personally because i didn't do anything, but everyone went wild after we beat OSU. I watched the last little bit of the game; watching sports is not my bag, unless it's tennis or sometimes soccer. I read an excellent article (in Rolling Stone, no less) about Bush's shameful environmental policy and was subsequently shocked at how angry I became. I actually joined the Buck Fush facebook group and changed my political designation to liberal, something I've been considering ever since I read 'A People's History of the United States'. It's a great read; i highly recommend it. I had to walk the rage off. I need a picture of Bush chasing a bunch of baby seals with a chainsaw. That shouldn't be hard considering the number of pics there are of him cutting trees at his ranch. Oh well. I really hope our next president cares about the environment, because i don't want to pass on a shitty planet to my children and their children's children, etc. My little four year old sister wrote (dictated really) me a letter demanding an explanation to why I had to go away to school, and she sent me some stickers. Kids are so cute when they're not bratty shits.

This is a self portrait of a friend of mine.