divendres, de setembre 09, 2005

Oh Boy...

Well, today I had the pleasure of eating at Freebird's World Burrito, and i can tell you, it kicks the SHIT out of Chipotle. Plus, its a Texas company that has personality; Chipotle is on par with Wal-Mart and Starbucks. Some funny things i've seen recently: Guy walking up the speedway wearing a houndstooth jump suit, long shaggy hair, smoking an old man pipe. Also, a guy sitting alone in the back corner of the Jester West TV room as the TV blared the vid for that "i like it, I love it' song. And of course there are the pics i just posted. I especially like the John McCain one.
I saw the UT solar decathlon house tonight; its very cool, and we may very well win the competition. The maintenance guy who fixed my drain today seriously smelled like ass. Yuck.
Lately I've really been digging Beethoven's 9th symphony, mainly because it kicks ass. Since i've come to Austin, my ipod is pretty much a permanent fixture as i walk around campus, and when i'm doing this while listening the 9th, i feel... MIGHTY. I also really like 'no one' by quasi which has a very powerful, emotional sound.
I was the only one on the bus from the parking lot back to campus earlier this evening, and i had to sit there and wait as the driver took a smoke break.