dijous, de setembre 08, 2005

Tony Sanchez Hates Architecture

The man pictured here is Tony Sanchez, and he is a big part of the reason why UT's new Blanton Museum of Art is a mediocre bit of architecture that is only there to "fit in" with the rest of the campus. Were it not for his bungling, we could have a museum designed by none other than the swiss architectural duo Herzog & De Meuron. Pictured is a Prada store they did in Tokyo. I am decidedly pissed about this. My arch. and society professor Larry Speck resigned as dean of the UT School of Architecture over this issue. Damn you Tony Sanchez.

Heres a pic of the actual Blanton. I must say that it isn't by any stretch of the imagination a BAD building; its very nice looking and i think it will serve its purpose very well. BUT it is not what it COULD have been, dammit.

Here's a bad pic of the H&DM plan for the Blanton. And heres a link to some more pics.