dimarts, de setembre 13, 2005

Dios mio, dios mio, por que me has abandonado?!

peroyouno: i called a grown woman a bitch a lil while ago
DeltaDawn87: what?
peroyouno: yeah
peroyouno: on my way back from the mall, i stopped at freebirds for dinner, and coming up congress i decided to stop and see the bats
peroyouno: i parked at the radisson, watched the bats, and went over to city hall to check out the bldg
peroyouno: on my way back to my car, i stopped by the lil parking lady's booth and asked how long before i started to get charged, she said 30 mins, after that it was $7
peroyouno: it turned out i had been there an hour, but i remembered that if you had eaten at Friday's (in the radisson) you could get free parking, so i went over there and asked them to validate my slip; well the lady was all like, why does it say friday's? you weren't at friday's (she had asked where i had been earlier) i told her i went up for a drink
peroyouno: she asked if i had the receipt and began to call friday's
peroyouno: she talked to someone up there, who told her it was allright, so she opened the gate, and as I drove away, i yelled Bitch!

I mean, seriously, how the hell does this dumbass woman take her job seriously? All she has to do is put little slips of paper into a machine and collect money, and she acts like she's a fucking homicide detective. I feel totally justified in calling her a bitch. What I think is awesome is that whoever she talked to on the phone said 'no' when she asked if I had just walked in. The people in Friday's with slightly less mundane employment probably think she's a bitch too. By the way, please don't take offense to my frequent use of the word bitch in the pejorative. It's nothing against women; to me, 'bitch' is the female equivalent of 'asshole'. The two words are used to describe people that are mean or rude, etc, etc. She was ugly too.
Anyway, my ipod is fixed, and let's just say that I felt like a complete retard when I saw how easily the problem was solved after I had waited 45 minutes in the apple store. It wasn't all bad, though. I did get to check out the new nano, which is a very sexy device. I also walked around the corner to Paradise Pen Co. and bought another $27 fountain pen. Which was an absolute necessity.
I sent my grandmother a 'thinking of you' card and an 'I'm a longhorn Grandma' bumpersticker today. I hope it brightens her day, if only a little. Funny thing is that she lives in Cincinnati, so I hope some pissed off OSU fan sees it. Yet another illuminating lecture from prof. Speck today; that man knows how to teach. I'm writing my 4 papers on Austin City Hall, which was my first choice (yay). Although i actually decided later that I would have liked to do the Alhambra instead, but c'est la vie.
And you know what comes next: