dissabte, de novembre 17, 2007

MoMA And Nouvel Team Up
petra and others

In one of the most extreme signs of China's modern grasp of entrepreneurial possibilities, gold panners are striking deals with jewellery factories to buy the contents of their septic tanks

It is time to quit dancing to the tune of a lobby with dual loyalties and to pursue America's interests

some might go as far as to really believe that they are already dead and are indeed a walking corpse, even maintaining that they can smell their own rotting flesh

If I had heard him ... I would have stared him down like an Indian, because I am an Indian and a little bit black and white

a comment on the Wright Amendment: It's fucking bullshit protectionist garbage designed to give American Airlines and DFW airport a monopoly on air travel. Basically, flights are extremely limited out of Dallas Love field, which is Dallas' smaller airport, to only a handful of local states, so if you want to get anywhere further than that you are forced to fly American (yuck, i KNOW!) out of DFW. In Houston, our second airport has no such restrictions, and it is a major p2p hub for Southwest, and a couple others. Meanwhile, Continental still operates more international flights out of Intercontinental (i still don't like calling it bush) and the airport as a whole serves more destinations than DFW.
I think it would have made a lot more sense to have both airports owned by the same authority, as is the case here with the HAS.
The moral of this story: government should stay the hell out of private enterprise.
This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass, Larry.