dimarts, de novembre 20, 2007

yeah okay sure, buddy

I just finished Cities Of The Plain. Very nice. McCarthy is good.
I finally got hired as a caterer for an oil company, and I start next week. I guess it would be okay to say which one, I mean this particular company has more than one office locally, as many of them do, this IS Houston after all. But no. I can't wait to have money again. I won't go into how I've gotten by the past 3 months...
Thanksgiving should be good this year, we're frying the turkey, which is something I/we have never done. Someone is also making a beef roast of some kind. I love thanksgiving but the meal, once I've gotten it onto my plate, is never as good as i expect just a moment before. I should have learned by now. Anyhow I think that right now I would say my favorite thing about thanksgivin' is the smell of all the food together in the Kitchen.
Christmas plans have crystallized: myself and the paternal half of my family are driving to stay with my sister in Tennessee. My two nieces and my other nephew will also be there. Should be fun. I think we're planning a side trip to Chattanooga.
I don't want anything for Christmas. And that is not a polite way of saying "I don't care what I get." I want nothing. I really don't need anything, except for a new car, and I don't think santa can fit one of those down the chimney. My sister's house would be crushed in any event.
Last week my friend Valery and I met up for the first time in forever and it was fun. We went to this neat little place I'd never been to and we listened to some of her friends casually playing music out back. A couple fat tires and a big bottle of Duvel later, we went back to her place to vege and discuss the world. I met more of her friends. I really need to take more pictures. I have 19 fucking cameras and I don't take pictures anymore. It's weird, I bring a small one with me all the time, but I've gotten so used to it that I don't even know it's there anymore.
Valery let me borrow a pretty funny book that I read in a couple days.
I don't really have 19 cameras.