dimecres, de novembre 08, 2006


Nancy Pelosi scares me. I've seen her on C-Span, and she is a firecracker.
Overall, I am satisfied with the way things turned out yesterday. A democratic house will mean a check on George's power, so I'm happy. We still have a neocon douchebag as governor of TX, though. That sucks, but i guess it really won't amount to any big differences for me personally. Though we will definitely be seeing the construction of a whole new array of old-coal-tech power plants (that the gov. fast-tracked) in a state already overburdened by industrial pollution.
Luckily we don't have any mountains to speak of, so the wind off the gulf of mexico just blows it all over america.

What George W. Bush did upon hearing that the dems had taken the house.
Praise Jesus

My mom bought me these t-shirts:

I'm scared to wear the first one in public.

a crazy house in Mexico D.F.: