dilluns, de novembre 06, 2006

My god, what have I done?

I'm such a fool for realizing so late (in horror, naturally) that Kinky Friedman is going to do for Rick Perry exactly what Ralph Nader did for George W. Bush in 2000: split the more liberal vote, ensuring a victory for the coal-burnin conservative weirdo named Rick Perry.


In brighter news:
This past friday i attended a small [catered] forum at which the mayor of Austin gave us the lowdown on a $567M bond package for the strategic improvement of this here city. My design prof. is friends w/ the guy, which is neat.
Austin is a big city that in many ways still seems like a small city, but its bigger than Seattle and Seattle has a beautiful library:

So I , of course, voted yes for the new $90M central library.
The mayor (Will Wynn, B.E.D.)gushed on and on about all the ways this city rocks, and I agree. It does.

I need a haircut once again.
My dad is committed to buying a house somewhere in Austin for me (and a couple of roommates) to live in. I told him today that it would be far better to find a cheap lot on the east side and have a small design-build firm build one from scratch.
That would be so freaking awesome i could puke.
But i'm not even sure if it would be economically feasible, so its just another fantasy right now.

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