dilluns, de novembre 28, 2005

Yeah buddy

Thanksgiving was good. I yieded my room to my sister and her husband, and I stayed at my brother's house. Good times. I got to see all of my nieces and nephews.
As if thanksgiving wasn't enough, the 12 of us went to Buca di Beppo on fri. night to eat some more family style.
I met a friend at the MFAH; saw a superb showing of Basquiat. really neat. Dinner at one of my in-the-city standbys. Terrific pot pie.
Thanksgiving dinner is never as good as it's built up to be beforehand. But still good. More of the same in a month.
There's already enough snow in Toronto to build a fort, apparently. I cannot wait.
I bought the original Æon Flux DVD. I'm really excited. really. I vaguely remember watching it when it was on MTV years and years ago.
I saw the Family Guy movie, and i was disappointed.
There's hip hop emanating from the bathroom across the hall but the sound is garbled. pops and whistles
I only have a couple weeks of school left. Finals the week after school is supposedly 'over.' almost...
I want to see capote rull bad.

mm hmmm...

Bravo, sir. No, really. good job

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Armando ha dit...

Æon Flux looks really cool...I concur with Capote.