dilluns, de novembre 21, 2005


being a design student rocks. I found a stencil painting in the street; remarkable in its detail. Hopefully the plague isn't on it.
I gave some money to a pan handler for the first time yesterday; it felt good at first, but then i realized that he probably lied to me so he could buy some scag. Oh well. He seemed surprised to get the money. Last night, some drag rats asked a couple of girls if they had any spare change. Like the fools they are, the girls said, "no, sorry, no spare change." the homeless guy blew a whistle really loud, said: "TEN YARD PENALTY, LYING TO THE HOMELSS PEOPLE." On my way back to studio i was startled by a drunk bum in a group of others; he was yelling obscenities at another guy down the sidewalk that usually sleeps there with his dog. Theres supposed to be some new laws being put into place that will outlaw panhandling and sleeping on the sidewalk. hmmmm. Personally, i like being a little scared sometimes when i walk around.
I leave wednesday for home, which will be full of people. Turkey, mmmmm

I like his shoes I like his hat
I'd like me better if I looked like that
uh -huh uh-huh
I like her shoes I like her hat
I'd like you better if you looked like that
uh-huh uh-huh
but then my love starts burning
for what we are yearning to ignore
I like her clothes I love her dress
I'd like her better if she loved me best
I like his shoes I love his pants
I'd want him better if he wanted to dance
uh-huh uh-huh
but then our love starts turning
for what we are learning to adore
I'm meeting people nice people too
I'm meeting people nice people like you
we're meeting people nice people too
we're meeting people nice people like you


uh-huh, thanks