dimarts, de novembre 01, 2005

It puts the lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again.

I think i should watch a movie everyday. that might be good. Silence of the lambs was last night, if you hadn't guessed already.
Well this morning in Viscomm we did live nude sketches. Our model... was probably about 70 years old and bald. Part of me died when he removed that robe. I know I should've been a bit more mature about it, and i was; i drew him for 2 and a half fucking hours. But despite my determination, it's really hard for me to not laugh a bit and crack jokes; i was not expecting to see old man penis this morning. I talked to my roommate; he did not have to do this last year. He made me confirm at least 3 times that i was in fact serious and not pulling his leg. Several times after I finished a sketch, i would draw someone committing suicide. Not because i wanted to; it is just a good allegory for my outright despair at my situation. I mean, i've seen Schindler's List, but shit, that was so unnecessary.
Today I sent my stepmom her birthday present. I think she'll like it. I must say, although it's just as useful in a material sense (maybe even less so) as a card, it's soooo much better.
I have no homework, and nothing to do for design tommorrow, and I just don't know what to do.
Oh well, i guess thats it for this half-assed post.


Tive razão, posso falar
Não foi legal, não pegou bem

Que vontade de chorar, dói
Em pensar que ela não vem, so dói

Mas pra mim ta tranquilo, eu vou zoar
O clima é de partida
Vou dar sequência na vida

De bobeira que eu não estou
E você sabe como é que é
Eu vou, mas poderei voltar quando você quiser

Demorou, vai ser melhor


Architecture is just so neat, i don't know what to do.
A tour of 3 Texas cities: