dimecres, de setembre 28, 2005

"May the god of your choice bless you" or "You're goin' down, Delay!"

I met Kinky Friedman the other day. That was neat. He signed my campaign poster. He had to relight his cigar about 30 times in 10 minutes. He said that we had to get rid of the "fucking TAKS", which my former english teacher agrees with.
Jubilation! Tom Delay has been indicted for what amounts to political money-laundering. Hubris, anyone?
I have my first review tommorrow. I will get to present my cute widdle pwoject to 2 or 3 architects. yay. I uh, love scrutiny.
I went down to the capitol building today, and i got to see the rotunda, the house/senate chambers, etc. I was disappointed by one thing: throughout the entire building (the outside of which is a lovely aged pink granite) there are terrazzo floors. Highly detailed, mind you, but terrazzo nonetheless. i was slightly appalled. But it was nice to see the building; it is very similar to the US capitol in DC, but much better looking in my opinion. Its taller for one thing, and the dome (the most similar part) is slimmer than the one in DC. Also, ours is a nice brown color, not that white crap that just shrieks hypocrisy. ANYWAY...
Heres to a Delay conviction in Travis county (where i now call home)! Woohoo!
Heres a video that expresses one of my reasons for detesting Airbus.
Color me once,
Color me twice,
Everything gonna turn out nice.
Everlasting love, you gotta keep me from these false alarms
Alarm, alarm I seem so sad.
Ring, ring I see her I'm glad.
Maybe, maybe the fire of her desire
Patience, patience said ;the man,
Patience, patience, I can't understand.
Patience like a man and a wife.
I got patience on my neck like a coco that.
I say, Jack be nimble, Jack fall dead,
Jack bend over and give Jilly head.
Oh, you gotta help my body heal my soul.

Dead men working, a sinner, a saint.
Mixing up a pail of paint.
Painted the house, black as night,
When the sun came up the house was white.
Gotta go on,
gotta go on,
we gotta go on,
you gotta go on,
we gotta go on
The Texas Capitol: