dimarts, de setembre 27, 2005


Hmmmmm.... Well, uh... School is good; i have managed to inadvertently alienate many people in my studio and that makes me sad. I'm taking advantage of some free tutoring so I don't fail calculus, and my design project is actually a source of pleasure and pride. It's a minimalist's dream, and I was able to use a material that i doubt any one else thought to use. I think this is the first time I have felt this good about a project. Caught part of "Falling Down" on TV today; it was the part when hes on the golf course and causes the old guy to have a heart attack and then laughs at his plight. Michael Douglas can be a badass when hes not playing someone rich and powerful like every other movie hes been in.
I did not go to ACL and this does not disappoint me at all. Sunday was the hottest day Austin has had all year, and none of the bands were worth that shit. Standing in the sun during the day here feels like standing in an oven. Luckily there are many shade trees around.
Rita was a let down; anti-climax really. Here i got all worried about my family/friends/house and Rita goes north. I am glad, but disappointed in a way that bothers me. I made a new group on the facebook: "I REALLY liked American Psycho and that kinda scares me". The book, not the movie, which was mediocre at best. Although Christian Bale was a good choice for Patrick Bateman. So far, 2 people have joined; not quite as successful as my other group: "Bill O'Reilly is the devil" and he is, dammit. Heres a clip that I think validates my hatred.
Also, an email i received which i thought was funny:
Revised Hurricane Evacuation Plan For Houston:

In light of the recent traffic jams and gasoline shortages
resulting from the widespread evacuations prior to Hurricane
Rita, city officials have announced a new official Hurricane
Evacuation Plan to be used for the remainder of the 2005
hurricane season
- Hispanics use I-10 West to San Antonio
- Cajuns use I-10 East to Lafayette
- Rednecks use 59 North to East Texas
- Republicans fly Continental to Washington, DC
- Yankees and Democrats use 45 South to Galveston
- Longhorns use 290 West to Austin
- Aggies use the 610 Loop

Whoever wrote this has no balls; they failed to address what the large black population in Houston should do. I won't comment.


Cut this picture into you and me
Burn it backwards kill this history
Make it over make it stay away
Or hate’ll say the ending that love started to stay
There’s a kid a floor below me saying brother can you spare
Sunshine for a brother old man winter’s in the air
Walked me up a story asking how you are
Told me not to worry you were just a shooting star
Sweet adeline
Sweet adeline
My clementine
Sweet adeline
It’s a picture perfect evening and I’m staring down the sun
Fully loaded deaf and dumb and done
Waiting for sedation to disconnect my head
Or any situation where I’m better off then dead

A couple of buildings in Austin: