dimarts, d’agost 09, 2011

wtf is happening

So I've quit drinking. It's been almost three weeks now. Reza para mi alma.
I've decided, now that I will have more free time on my hands, that I need to spend more time on hobbies. Chief among the ones I favor has for a long time been photography. I'm saving up to buy a Canon 60D. I've also just acquired an old Canon AE-1 and several lenses, and I plan to shoot B&W with that as well as my holga. I will also start to develop my own film. This is something I already have some experience with, and as it is quite easy and inexpensive, it's a great opportunity to flex my creative muscles, which are in a sad state of atrophy these days. I think I may be starting a photo blog with my friend Valery, so that will give me an outlet.