divendres, d’agost 20, 2010

permanent modifications

Rice will sell the tower and rights so they can buy things for the university. I admit that its a shame to lose 91.7, but it is patently absurd to cry out against Rice as if we the people have been wronged somehow. Outrage is inappropriate here. We're talking about a private transaction between two entities; legally there is no reason this should not happen. We all listened to the station and loved it, but that doesn't mean that Rice is accountable to us. No station, even a sort-of "community" one like KTRU is ever guaranteed perpetuity. It makes sense really: Rice will continue to broadcast the same KTRU format online, without the hassle and expense of dealing with an actual radio tower. The Rice students still get to have their show, and the segment of the population that hasn't figured out internet radio will be in the dark. Clearly Rice ought to be commended for looking after what matters most: their students.