divendres, de setembre 12, 2008

I'm scurred

Well in case you live under a rock on mars, you've probably heard of the massive fucking hurricane that is headed straight for Houston. I'm not too worried. In fact, I'm looking forward to our little hurricane party tonight at my house. I should be nice and lit when Ike strikes.
Oh, and I got to cut up a bunch of wood with a chainsaw this morning.

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Roy ha dit...

what is funny about the whole hurricane ike thing is that this morning on tv good ol' mayor bill was telling everyone in the mandatory evac zip codes and anyone else that was able to should evacuate to cities such as bryan and college station. Since I work at ____ (oil company) and they have a disaster recovery site in college station (along with another oil company), I know that college station has been booked solid for the past three days as far as hotel and motel rooms are concerned. good luck losers.

I just realized something. I am not sure what it means or how deeply affected my subconscious is but the only proper capitalization I have used in this entire comment (which also lacks some necessary punctuation), is for the word I. I am assuming that although I dont notice it often that it happens quite frequently. does this mean that I love myself?

and the captcha image I see below: