dissabte, de desembre 08, 2007

well thank god. more taxes for the oil companies = higher gas prices, you fucking retards.
i guess Chavez is going to have to make some new plans for retirement
Nanotube-producing bacteria
Top 15 Quotes of Prince Philip

Emirates began non-stop service from Houston to Dubai this week, and I really want to fly first class and get my own little room on the plane. Too bad it's about $13,000. But when you compare that to the $10,000 price tag of a 2 hour flight on the Concorde (in a small seat, too) your own luxury suite for the 16 hour flight isn't such a bad deal. Qatar airways, or whatever its called, has announced a Houston-Doha flight beginning this summer. And Dallas doesn't even have a direct flight to Amsterdam, the poor saps.