dissabte, de desembre 01, 2007

fuck you, ethanol
interesting to see how they predicted fairly accurately a lot of what we have today
don't tell your kids they're smart
the way vs. a way
intelligent design is stupid and it has no place in the classroom

Last night Valery and I went to see Two Star Symphony at the University of St. Thomas. It was a really great show, they played every piece of music they've ever done and it was about three hours long, I believe. Then we drank beer with a couple of her friends.
I am tired of living in the suburbs and I've pretty much decided that I'm going to get my own apartment in the heights. Probably during the summer.
A comment on intelligent design education: I HATE to see politicians stick their fat nasty hands into scientific education. Evolution is a basic phenomenon that occurs within any population of living organisms over time. That is all, and that is how it is taught, that's how I learned it. There is no need to go into abiogenesis, or the origin of life. Yes, it is possible to go back in time through the fossil record and see how things developed, but this exercise is not necessary, and more importantly it is not inherent to evolution. And this idea to teach intelligent design alongside evolution is pure folly. That's what you do when having political debates or philosophical discussions; in science you don't throw in extra stuff that isn't scientific at all just because some people might also believe in it. It's like teaching magic along with physics or astrology along with astronomy. If you want to believe that all the life on this earth was created over one week about six thousand years ago, go right ahead, but you may want to ask yourself: why do I need a new flu shot every year?

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