dissabte, de setembre 22, 2007

I had another dream this morning that I lost a tooth. This one went further, though, because I woke up (in the dream) and all my teeth had come loose and were further out of the gum than they are normally. I had to push them back up in there, and then one of my top incisors came out, but it had been broken, it didn't just fall out. Anyway, when I really did wake up, I felt all of my teeth just to make sure everything was still in order. I don't like these kinds of dreams.
Amy and I had dinner at the King Biscuit Patio Cafe in the Heights the other day, and it was good. I had these great shrimp and poblano quesadillas. The restaurant is sort of a funky greasy spoon hole in the wall kind of place, and it is right next to White Oak Park in the southeastern nether regions of the Heights. The Houston Press blurb i read about it said that the cafe "overlooked" white oak park which it could only do if it were somehow higher, and the full summer foliage also completely blocked the view of DT, but still a very nice and quiet little spot. The only really bad thing was the dozen or so flies that came out as soon as our food arrived, but my vigilance paid off and i think that only one fly landed on my food.

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One Small Blue Sail ha dit...

i live down the street from king biscuit! call me next time youre in the area 713-398-2400