dilluns, de juliol 09, 2007

If Iran Were America (And We Were Iran): A Timeline
We ignore the consequences of US foreign policy at our own peril.

Work has been really slow lately; I'm calling records that myself and other callers have been through dozens of times, which means that the great majority of the people don't even answer. It's all good, though: I've gotten through a hefty portion of Texas, which I like a lot. Michener's historical fiction novels can be a tad heavy on the fiction side, like how he throws in made up towns and counties, etc. But over all I would say that it paints a decent picture of the history of this here great state. It's also one hell of an epic novel.
Naturally, reading the book has made me think a lot about the state and it's history, and I would love to see Texas secede from the union, taking with it eastern New Mexico, and all other lands originally claimed by Texas (parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming) when it won it's independence from Mexico. That would be basically all lands north of the Rio Grande in what was then Mexico. Yee haw. I also want my son to be a Texas Ranger, and I don't mean the baseball team.
I think I'm going to venture out into Texas in the next few days to see some of James Riely Gordon's architectural achievements.