dijous, de juliol 12, 2007


I finished Texas, and now I love my state more than ever. Also, though I am still fairly liberal on certain social issues (gay rights, abortion, etc.), I have become quite the little blue blood conservative. I favor a more laissez-faire free market, no taxes, absolutely minimal central government, etc, etc. I'm not particularly into the whole religious morality thing, though I do favor an emphasis on family/community values (as opposed to letting the government be the arbiter of morality through censorship, etc.). I think the role of any government should be the protection of it's citizens, and by extension, their interests. The government should only play defense and right now in Iraq mine is playing offense with great zeal and it makes me sick. I am NOT a neocon; they are dangerous and are bound to destroy America with their hawkish ways.
The title of the post is a word I came up with that is meant to refer to all homeless people in general.
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