dimecres, de juny 27, 2007

The Presets are an Australian band I just discovered, here's the video to their song Girl and the Sea:

Kids is a great song from The Concretes' new album Hey Trouble:

we're not in the Milky Way after all

I am always amazed by how much we actually move through the universe. You may think that you're perfectly still in your chair in front of the computer, but the earth is actually rotating about its axis (~1,000 mph at the equator), the earth is revolving around the sun, the sun and the entire solar system are moving in tandem with our star neighbors, the galaxy is rotating around it's center, and is moving outward from the center of the universe, so we're actually zooming through space at mind-boggling speeds. If only we had a point of reference from which to easily gauge our movement.

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