divendres, de juny 01, 2007

The Fertile Valleys (Las Vegas)

Fertile valleys my ass. I'm not 21 yet, and being here in Vegas is a painful reminder, but I was in Amsterdam only last week, so I guess its all good.
Tomorrow is my 20th birthday and I have a mustache. I grew one a few years ago during my junior year of high school, and being in Europe made me want to do something new. And I think I'll keep it for a while.
Anyway, today after taking the early flight to LV, I walked up the strip and went into The Bellagio, The Venetian, and The Wynn, which is bad ASS. I would sooooo like to walk into the Brioni store and just be like, um, yeah I need something to wear to dinner tonight, and maybe tomorrow, and oh, could you have that sent up to my room? But I am not that rich. Yet.
Heres a pic I took of the lobby cieling at The Bellagio:

I wandered into the promo. center for the new Las Vegas City Centre development, which is going to be really cool, and probably one of the few examples of good design in LV. The model they had is sweet, but the lady wouldn't let me take pictures. So I stabbed her.
I watched Hannibal Rising last night at my mom's and I really liked it. I dunno if it's because Gaspard Ulliel is so attractive or if it's just because I'm a sick fuck who has always had a soft spot for violence. I think both. I also read all the Hannibal books back in junior high, so i'm hip to Hannibal's story, though I have not read Hannibal Rising because it got a bad review, which is really just another way of saying I have way too many books as it is.
Speaking of movies, I think its about time sensible movie watchers got together and started to vigorously campaign for Nicolas Cage's immediate retirement. He just keeps on making big budg klunkers, and he's always the same FUCKING PERSON! Just fly your jet to your island and stay there, please, for the love of god and everything holy, just stop making movies.