dimarts, d’abril 10, 2007

Holy shit, lesbians are tough in South Dakota (I guess you would have to be. there.)
I love pancakes

I tried to go and see Michael Dell's house the other day, but I could only see one little part of it, kind of disappointing. But it was still a lovely drive through West Lake Hills, which is where many of Austin's élite live. Dell owns his own very large hill, with several gated entrances and winding drive-ways. My former design professor was a project architect on the house when he worked for Gwathmey Siegel in New York.

Guess which house Mr. Dell lives in:

The semester is almost over and I can't wait. I don't know what I will do over the summer. I should take some summer classes considering that Austin Community College is only a few blocks away (so is UT, but fuck that), but I dunno yet. My roommate is studying abroad over the summer so we are subletting his room.
Goddamn state dept. has still not sent me my new passport.
My mom's 50th birthday was last friday, and I lived up to my title of "the good son" by giving her some cool antique stuff I bought at Uncommon Objects on South Congress, which is a really cool store.
I'm gonna watch Blood Diamond now.