diumenge, de març 04, 2007

Sisyphean employment

My opinion of my job varies wildly from shift to shift. Sometimes, mostly when I'm calling alumni that have never given anything, I hate it. Really hate the work, and just want to tunn into uh bud and fly fly away. Pardon the Forrest Gump reference.
And then other times, usually when I'm calling people that have given before, and I'm actually raising money, it's great. Architects that have given before are the best. My first day I talked to an [non-donor] architect on Kona, and he said yes to my first ask of $250, but what was cool was the conversation we had about Hawaii, Hunter S. Thompson, Lono, James Cook, etc. Not to mention his work.
I want to get a job doing something else; calling people on the phone asking for money just seems so freakin low. I realize that it isn't quite as bad as telemarketing, because, whether I like it or not, I do have something of a relationship with these people, and they with the University, but still, it just makes me feel like a whore to do nothing but ask for money.
Nothing is all bad, though, except maybe Ann Coulter (who recently called John Edwards a faggot ), and it has been kind of interesting. But no, even those little nuggets of goodness pale in comparison to the monumental pile of shit I have to climb every shift.
Anyhoo, I have a test in the morning, which I studied for at work, so now is a little break.