dimecres, de març 07, 2007

Movies I've seen recently:

The Departed

Children of Men
bootleg, but still for rent at a legit business

For Your Consideration

the Japanese are allowed to hunt?

Running With Scissors
Alec Baldwin was a good choice for that part, but shit, he's capable of so much MORE. hehe, masturbatorium


hahaha, the Jews have shifted their shapes!

I can't escape the feeling that there are other DVDs I'm leaving out. oh well.
I just watched Children of Men, and wow. Really great, Michael Cain's character is the best.

Some others I've seen in the last couple of months that I don't think I commented on:
Written on the Wind
Fantastic. Robert Stack is brilliant as the jealous alcoholic millionaire. For years Stack was just that Unsolved Mysteries guy with the voice. That show freaked me out as a kid.

A Mighty Wind
Not bad. Funny. After seeing For Your Consideration, Best in Show is still my favorite Guest film.

Naked Lunch
Pretty good, probably not worth buying though. Not the first I've bought before watching.

Really good, that guy from the Infiniti commercials flies around in his dreams!

Awesome. That dirty pederast Roman Polanski slices Jack Nicholson's nose.

Knife in the Water
Great ending, but I don't see what all the fuss is about.

The Proposition
Niiiiiice. Guy Pearce as some Irish bandit in 19th-century rural Australia. Nothin' like a good dramatic shot of a guy getting his head blown off while raping a woman. Poetic justice indeed.

I Vitelloni
good, Fellini has yet to disappoint

Date Movie
I'll never get those 85 minutes back. ever. dammit

I finished The Plague. I've found that reading at work helps pass the time; the majority of the time spent there is just sitting there letting the phone ring. Thank God people look at their caller ID.