dimarts, de febrer 20, 2007

I won't be joining my family in Maine after all. I've worked out an arrangement with my father that will make my life much easier over the summer.
Plans for our Amsterdam trip, on the other hand, are nearly finalized. With the exception of two nights in Brussels that my dad is booking with his points, everything is booked and paid for.
We fly direct from Houston into Amsterdam, stay there for three nights, then on to Den Haag (The Hague) for a day, then Brussels for two nights, then we terminate the trip with two nights in Rotterdam, which is an hour's train ride from Amsterdam, so the morning we leave we'll have to get up early and take the first train up. Our flight is in the afternoon, but we would like to have a few hours in Amsterdam before heading off to Schiphol.
While in Rotterdam, i would like to stop by, or at least walk by, OMA. Maybe we'll even see Rem, but I'm not going to get my hopes up about that one.
It should be lots and lots of fun, and I am very excited.