dijous, de febrer 08, 2007


Oh my god, somebody give me a gun

I found out the other day (much to my dismay, naturally) that Inland Empire was actually released LAST YEAR, and I found out (after an exhaustive search on google) that it is only playing in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle. It was playing at ONE theater here in Austin last week, but no more; I called today and the guy had no idea if/when it would be playing again. Doesn't David Lynch know that he has a fanatical cult following and that we want to see the fucking movie NOW?!
I guess I will have to wait until the fucking SUMMER for it to come out on DVD. I'm really upset about this.
In other news, I really want to see Children of Men.
My brother told me that he is going to buy a motorcycle this weekend, and it just so happens I will be there to celebrate the purchase; he has been wanting one for a long time.
The link is to the specific model he is getting; I'm not just trying to illustrate what a motorcycle is.