divendres, de gener 05, 2007

I miss Texas; I love it so much I could cry.
Tomorrow we're all driving down to Huntsville, AL to visit the NASA center there. Should be fun, they have a centrifuge in which you can experience 3 Gs.
My nephew Jackson (i have two) has got to be one of the most adorable three year olds ever, and he's very smart! I'm really enjoying my time here. Yesterday my BIL and I, along w/ some kids from his church (he is a youth pastor), shot his new Colt AR-15. It's a .223 and shoots like a dream.
I also met Michael W. Smith (i hadn't heard of him either), he's the lead pastor of the church and apparently he is a pretty famous/successful Christian musician.
My sister and BIL actually live in Franklin, TN, which is a small city about 20 mins. south of Nashville, and its supposed to be one of the wealthiest small cities in America, and one of the top ten destinations in the south.
I only hope I can get out of here without being cornered by my sister and asked about the state of my spirituality.
I found out recently that San Antonio has overtaken Dallas as Texas' #2 city. Hurrah.
In Toronto I saw Volver, which is Pedro Almodóvar's latest film. It was really good. Really.

Ric Ocasek performs "moving in stereo"