dilluns, de gener 01, 2007

Happy new year from Canadia!

My time in Toronto is almost up. I fly to Nashville on wednesday.
We did the whole new years thing at the farm (my stepmom's dad's country house).
Roy and I got pretty tore up. After an afternoon/evening of beer and whiskey, we eventually killed 2 1/2 bottles of champagne, though i have no recollection of the third bottle being opened, or of Roy testing my knife's sharpness on his hand.
Anyway, there was something of a minor scandal the next day over the utter waste we had layed to the beer fridge. Roy and I were the only people who got drunk.
The drinking age here is 19, so needless to say there was one thing (among some others) on our minds when we came up.
This is Roy's first time to Toronto, so it has been fun to show him around the city that I now know quite well.
It will be a bit of a change after a week of drunken debauchery to go to Tennessee and visit my hard-core christian sister and BIL. They don't drink, and even if they did on occasion, i doubt they would be cool with me drinking too.
But it's been fun, and i've had some opportunity to get to know one of my Christmas presents, a white PSP. I insisted on the white one, and thankfully my mom came through for me. She always does.
I bought a Swatch today in Eaton Centre after we visited the CN tower.
Tommorrow I think we will explore Yorkville and possibly North York.

Detail of an Anish Kapoor sculpture, downtown Toronto

The Farm

The Ontario College of Art and Design

Urban Camping downtown

A wall installation in Toronto City Hall

Model of the city in city hall

Santiago Calatrava's fantastic atrium in BCE Place

And on another note:
I recently determined that Architecture is not for me; I won't go into details because I don't feel like it, and also because (like many things for me) it'd difficult for me to put into words my rationale. It is just something that I know intuitively.
The main draw for me to architecture was the influence I could have on the built environment. Anywhere you go that isn't out in the woods has a certain character that is created in large part by the buildings there, and I wanted to do what I could to make the world, or at least a small part of it, a better looking place. Well it is for the same exact reason that I have chosen real estate development. I can still influence the built environment. Not to mention the fact that I could become disgustingly wealthy in the process. But let me be clear: money is not my goal, my goal is to make a difference, but a boy can dream can't he?
Anyway, when I go back to school I will look into transferring to the business school.
I need to shave.