diumenge, de desembre 03, 2006


Well I've modified my christmas travel plans a bit.
I was going to fly from houston to toronto on dec. 27th, then return on jan 3rd. On jan 5th, i was going to fly from houston to nashville to visit my sister, but my dad decided to stay in toronto until the 5th for business, so now I will fly from toronto to nashville (via cleveland) on the 5th.
I was really excited this morning because it looked like i would be able to connect in New york instead of cleveland, and have an 8 hour layover, allowing me to spend a little bit of time in manhattan.
BUT, the bastard airline will not let me have the evening flight from NY-nashville w/ out paying a bunch of money or a lot of miles I don't have.
Oh well. I will at least get a couple more days in Toronto.