dijous, de novembre 30, 2006

Yeah, I tried to change the language of the date to Norwegian, but in the end I decided that there is simply no match for Catalan.
It got down to the thirties today, and will be similarly cold tomorrow, but sunny, so it will get up to the sixties during the day. So I guess it won't be similarly cold; fuck you.
My design professor will not be in studio tommorrow as he is in London accepting an award [for his firm] from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). However, I cannot find anything about him or his firm on the RIBA website or his firm's, so maybe he lied. Maybe he'll be at home freebasing heroin. Nah, he'd probably go somewhere else to do that.
I went up to the arboretum today to get some christmas gift ideas. I came up w/ some, and I saw this in Barnes & Noble and thought it was hilarious:
I'm glad I have an ultra sleek camera that fits in my pocket.
I also visited the new Ikea in Round Rock a couple of weeks ago. That was pretty much a total waste of time; it's not as big or cool as the one in Houston. But I did get to ride on some of the new tollways, which was kind of cool. Now I can avoid I35 when going to Round Rock, which isn't that often because the suburbs make me want to shoot someone.