diumenge, d’octubre 08, 2006

Well i took that camera back after a week because it turned out to be shitty. Though it was by far the most beautifully designed camera I have ever beheld, and needless to say I was really hoping that it would work out. I bought a Nikon today that seems okay, but overall I think I'm just pissed because neither are as good as my sony when photographing things in low light, and now i'm so frustrated I could cry.
Anyway, I went home this weekend as it was a good weekend to do it given how many people went to Dallas for the OU game (which UT naturally won), and to Marfa for Marfa weekend.
I should probably go to the studio so that I have something for tomorrow, but I am tired and as is usually the case in these situations, sleep comes first.
My phone, which i've had for almost 3 years now, is fucking up too often and I'm replacing it this week. I'm on a family plan w/ my brother and his wife, and we're all getting new phones to go along with our contract renewal.
I had a little chat on the phone w/ my older sister on friday; made plans to go up to Nashville to see them in January right after we get back from Toronto. Roy is coming to Toronto with us, which will be the first time I've taken a friend along. I'm excited.
Oh, and my new laptop is fantastiche.

Here are some pics of the Mcmonstrosity that's going up down the street from my mom's house:

some context:

This neighborhood does NOT need to be gentrified; I hope the new house burns down.
it's funny how these people are so willing to drop a million dollars for something that looks just like ever other goddamn mcmansion in every other city in this country. And they probably think the house is so cool, and so unique.

It was a piece of crap, Piece of Crap!

There was a man, on the corner
And he was reading, from the bible
(What did he say Ross?)
He said i dont like you, says so in here
And i said 'what?' thats just a
Piece of crap piece of crap!

I met the man and i talked to him
I took him back to my flat, my flat
He looked at me and he said
What's the matter What's the matter
I said i can't stop can't stop
I said i can't stop can't stop
I said i can't stop
And he said 'what?'
Thats just a piece of crap, piece of crap!

You talk and you talk and you talk
You ebebebebebebe...
You talk a piece of crap, piece of crap!

It was a Piece of Crap, Piece of Crap!