dimarts, d’abril 18, 2006

I saw a great (and tiny) show of Roy Lichtenstein and Tom Wesselman at the MFAH on saturday. The colors really make me want to do something crazy. Like take up silkscreening. As usual, the easter bunny brought me some cadbury creme eggs and some new boxers, but apparently he took his time in our house; my little sister woke up screaming for her mother and I had to escort her down the stairs.
And so i spent my last nights in the house on good ole Foster Springs. The new house i will move into when school is done, and then only till august. thank GOD.
No, really....
I've bitched a lot about the new house, but its a fine house, only slightly more mediocre than the previous one.
The Blanton Museum of Art is opening this week, and i think i will be attending an opening gala for students on thursday night (thats april 20th). Should be fun. Its the largest University Art Gallery in the country, which is no surprise when you consider that we are, like, the best.

neither of these were at the show: