dimecres, de desembre 07, 2005

uuuuuuh, yeah

Although this sort of thing is rather trite and has been over done in the past, i decided to make a list of people, living or dead, that i would like to do lunch with.
A word about the list before: the order in which they are presented is not meant to denote the person's importance; they are presented in the order that they came out of my head. Say what you will about the role the subconscious plays in such things. Also, there are many more people (women, for example) that could go on a list like this, but for brevity's sake i limited the list to 12. ok, here goes:
Tom Friedman

William Mcdonough

Stanley Kubrick

Jim Morrison

Thom Yorke

Hunter S. Thompson

Renzo Piano

Andy Warhol

Bret Easton Ellis

Aldous Huxley

Gene Wilder

Bill Murray