diumenge, de desembre 04, 2005

soooo tired

I never thought i would get satisfaction from working 7-10 hours straight. Now that i can rest for a bit (i have to be back in the studio in 9.5 hrs.), i feel relieved and happy with my work thus far. My final kicks ass. I've always liked simplicity in most things, but i never guessed that i would see this manifested so strongly and obviously in my work. I didn't know i was really a dyed-in-the-wool minimalist. But i am, so there. It's almost like watching a ouija board; i am drawn to to this overt simplicity intuitively and unconsciously.
My new Altec Lansing speakers work very well, and they have a pretty blue LED to let me know that they're on. I used them tonight in the studio w/ my ipod until it's battery got dangerously low.
I only have to take 2 finals. Sweeeeeeet.
Last night i was bored and decided to put markers on some of the world's major airports on google earth (does that make sense syntactically? is that a word?)and when i finished 3 hours or so later, i had marked just about every major airport on earth. I don't know how many i marked, but there are a lot. i think over 40 in the USA alone. Yeah, i know. I'm a nerd at heart. a bored nerd obsessed w/ air travel. I love google earth. Sergey Brin and Larry Page recently acquired a second hand 767 for their own personal use. I wish I was a nouveau riche billionaire.
Roy had a dream that aliens landed while he was here in Austin trying to procure some contraband with some sketchy south of the border types. I laughed.
I had a dream my mom threw up on me.
thats it. I could put pictures and lyrics up, but i've been drawing/gluing/cutting/building for hours.

fuck it, ese, fuck it!