dilluns, de desembre 26, 2005

is that it?

And another christmas has passed
this one was good, def. one of the better ones
i goooooooot
some books, don delillo, tom wolfe, william carlos williams, etc
DVDs (yes!)
blah blah blah
I had a [now] typical split-family double christmas and i guess that's sort of cool, i dunno
I feel like i've been detached from reality; leaving my digital alarm clock in austin is partly to blame. Half the time, i have no idea what time it is or where i am
I got my brother and his fiancé a bunch of stuff at ikea, after which i stuffed my face at a nearby chinese buffet. it was good, i rejoiced.
I think i might get another subscription to the new yorker; they're desperate and have invited me to a cheeeeeeeap renewal
ATHF4 is scrumtrilescent
i need more dvds
i have a box of triscuit in my room.
on my desk
taunting me