dissabte, de desembre 31, 2005

I'm so bored, so i thought i would do this again.
I saw Syriana w/ my dad yesterday; it is a great movie, and of course my dad chimed in afterward w/ the typical liberal anti-america conspiracy bullshit, but whatever. good torture scene, too. just kidding, why are people crazy about on screen gore nowadays? i will not be seeing hostel.
Party tonight at my brother's i think; i will most likely kill a few [million] brain cells and light some fireworks.
I'm planning on driving up to sherman to see my sister and brother-in-law next week, which should be nice. Might stop off in Dallas and do a bit of exploring, but the plan hasn't been laid out yet.
I went by the new house today; it's coming along nicely, the roof is done and they will start with the brick/stone facing soon. the lake is brackish and nasty, and my room has a 'partial' view of it. yay. i really don't like the house. at all. but of course from now on, i won't really be "living" there, except during summers and other holidays, and i do always have my brother's house or my mom's so i have options here.

The past 2 weeks have been like a slow trek through fog, sweet, sweet fog.