dilluns, de novembre 14, 2005

Sick video

I saw Jarhead over the weekend.
Movies have changed so much. I don't know how to put it; they seem to look more like animation. Perfect in appearance. and fluid.
Mel Brooks is doing a new version of The Producers. It should be good, if only because will ferrell is in it. matthew broderick and nathan lane are poor replacements for gene wilder and zero mostel. I mean, c'moooooooon maaaaaaan.
Thanksgiving, the great day of fantasy-as-history delusions. I hope i'm there when my sister comes home talking about christopher columbus and all those nice old conquistadors.Thats not even his name, for chrissakes.
I think aqua teen hunger force series 4 has been released. hafta pick that up.

this is a poem, btw

0 lovely apple!
beautifully and completely
hardly a contour marred-

perhaps a little
shrivelled at the top but that
aside perfect
in every detail! 0 lovely

apple! what a
deep and suffusing brown
mantles that
unspoiled surface! No one

has moved you
since I placed you on the porch
rail a month ago
to ripen.

No one. No one!

William Carlos Williams